Hinasso Hagåtña – Imagine Hagåtña

This video illustrates changes that could occur in Hagåtña with implementation of the proposed Master Plan.

Hagåtña Master Plan is Now Law

After 25 years, the Hagåtña Master Plan (HMP) is now law. Governor Lou Leon Guerrero submitted Bill 347-36 An Act to Approve the Hagåtña Restoration and Redevelopment Plan and Its Supporting Documents to the Legislature on October 21, 2022. A public hearing was held on Monday, November 14, 2022, and on Thursday, December 8, 2022, the Hagåtña Master Plan lapsed into law. Click here to view the HRRA Master Plan and Design Guidelines.

What is a Master Plan?

A master plan can be described as the "proposal" for the future of a specific area, village or city. It expresses the community's vision through goals and policies, directing decisions relating to land use, roads, housing, utilities and other related concerns for Hagåtña. The update will be an all-inclusive plan that assesses existing conditions, provides unique alternatives for consideration, identifies a preferred concept, and provides actions and programs which will need to be enacted in order to realize Hagåtña’s preferred future vision.

What other items are being developed?

In addition to the Hagåtña Master Plan, the following support items will also be produced to support the Hagåtña Master Plan.

  • Updated research report in the form of a detailed Map Atlas
  • Market Study (as part of the Alternative Plans Update)
  • Analysis of Impediments to Revitalization
  • A zoning code
  • Design Guidelines
  • Hagåtña River Flood Damage Reduction Feasibility Study
  • An Implementation Schedule / Plan of Action and an Organizational / Financial Construct

What other updates will occur?

The current Master Plan was adopted in 2005. Hagåtña has seen varying growth and change during the last decade that will need to be captured in the Master Plan Update to provide a more accurate vision of where Hagåtña will go in the next 20 years. The Master Plan will be updated to include current information on demographics, redevelopment areas, economic trends, and transportation corridors. In particular, the Master Plan will include updated information on:
  • Changes to demographics and economic trends
  • the construction of the Guam Museum and other major projects identified in the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) / Capital Improvement Plans (CIPs)
  • the Hagåtña Planned Development District (PDD) and its’ associated overlays
  • construction of additional parks and recreation space
  • revitalization of major transportation corridors and streetscapes
  • construction of parking and alternative transportation facilities / infrastructure
  • shoreline protection / recovery and enhancement controls and regulations
  • the revitalization of Plasa de Espana and the Heritage Trail
  • the potential feasibility and incorporation of the Hagåtña River Walk and River Channeling
  • the potential redevelopment at Paseo de Susana and Chamorro Hagåtña
  • the potential redevelopment of the Marina and the Treatment Plant

How can you get involved?

For all information related to the Master Plan Update, residents are encouraged to visit the project website at www.hagatnamasterplan.com. You can sign up for electronic notifications, participate in online surveys, and review all relevant documents and presentations about the Update. You can also visit the HRRA website at: http://hrra.guam.gov/.  HRRA and Matrix will also be working closely with local news media, community groups and faith-based organizations to get information to residents.

There will also be a series of Alternative Plans Charrettes and Public Workshops, which will give people a chance to work with GEDA and HRRA planners and our consultant team in the development of the Master Plan Update. GEDA and HRRA’s goal is to engage as many residents, business owners and stakeholders as possible to ensure that the Plan reflects the vision of the entire community.